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FSSAI Standards for Fortified Rice and FRK

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Final standards for FRK are yet to be released and drafts has been invited for comments. But, FSSAI has following standards fro Fortified rice, Nutrients should be present in below specified range -

But based on Standards of fortified rice, we can derive Final Fortified Rice should all the nutrient as per range decided by FSSAI Guidelines. This level is per kg of Final Fortified rice. Generally FRK is mixed 1% in normal rice to produce Fortified rice. So 10gm of FRK should have these nutrients so that when mixed 1kg of Fortified Rice has these components.



Fortified Rice

(per 1kg)


(per 10gm)



28mg - 42.5mg

42.5 mg


Folic Acid

75ug - 125ug

125 ug


Vitamin B12

0.75ug -1.25ug

1.25 ug

Apart from this over-rages is also important. This aims to factors in losses that might occur in the process of mixing, transportation and cooking. To be on safer side we recommend above specifications, so that you are on the upper band of FSSAI limits of fortified rice.

Based on nutrient content of FRK, premix can be designed. Which we will cove in a different article.

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